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The southeastern forest products industry is the largest regional production hub of forest products in the world.

Hundreds of mills produce dozens of products from the vast southern yellow pine plantation resource. Geographically, it stretches from Virginia to east Texas, encompassing 12 states. The large, diverse geography includes flatwoods, hills and bottoms, steep hillsides and mountains along with a diverse mix of soils and landscapes. These varied conditions create both challenges and opportunities specific to the region for growing trees. The forests of this region benefit from long growing seasons and a mild climate, making them highly productive.

Southern timber markets are both diverse and complex. Local mill dynamics dictate significant variations with regard to log specs, products and pricing. Site productivity, topography and management intensity contribute to differences in growth characteristics between holdings. Investors and managers focus on timber growth while conserving environmental attributes of these ecosystems including wildlife habitat and water quality by using conservation vehicles such as easements and mitigation banks.

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