Specialists in All Aspects of Timberland Investment Valuation

32 billion in land valuation

Legacy Appraisal Services, LLC specializes in the valuation and financial analysis of the timberland asset. Our geographic scope encompasses the entire Southeast, Northeast, Appalachian states, and Lake States regions of the United States as well as Central and South America. Our firm specializes in consulting, due diligence and the valuation of large timberland ownerships with diverse geographies, ownership rights and financial structures. This includes partial interests, conservation easements and mitigation banks. Our staff includes MAI and certified general appraisers with a combined 50 years’ experience within different facets of the forest products industry specific to the geographies we serve. LAS has also developed a network of professionals that specialize in other areas of rural real estate including hunt lease management, timber inventory, data management, GIS analysis, and rural land brokerage. This allows our firm to manage each phase of a given project through personalized working relationships with trusted professionals.

NE/Lake States and Appalachia

Over 11 million Acres valued since 2015. This includes investments in Michigan, Wisconsin, West Virginia, the Pennsylvania Cherry Belt and the entire Northeast.


Over 17.8 million Acres valued since 2015. This includes investments ranging from Virginia to the Piney Woods Region of East Texas and southeastern Oklahoma.

Central and South America

Investment analyses in these regions include Pine, Eucalyptus and specialty investments including Teak, Mahogany, and Melina.


Pine Overview

How We Serve our clients

Our clients are both public and private groups seeking knowledge and expertise regarding investment decisions in the timberland space, including but not limited to:

  • Timberland Investment Management Organizations (TIMOs)
  • Trust funds and institutional endowments
  • Conservation groups and land trusts
  • Forest product companies
  • Private land owners
  • Banks and wealth management groups
  • High net worth individuals
  • Hedge funds and pension funds
  • Estate lawyers
  • Government agencies.

Our Services allow our clients to make confident and knowledgeable buy/sell decisions based on detailed analysis and include:

  • Quarterly, annual, and biannual valuations for investment performance reporting
  • Identification and valuation of higher and better use opportunities
  • Cash flow modeling and harvest scheduling on potential acquisitions/dispositions
  • Financial optimization modeling and sensitivity analysis
  • Financial Analysis for private estate planning for large land holdings

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