Our Northern area of service encompasses the Lake States and Appalachia through northern New England.

This region of North America is characterized by diverse timber markets combined with strong conservation interests and diverse non-timber opportunities.  Our services provide analyses of not only timber markets, but includes the identification and quantification of secondary uses for properties that include conservation, green energy (biomass and wind), carbon credits, recreational and commercial leasing, maple sugar opportunities, and recreational/development lot sales.  Our geographic diversity in this region allows us to analyze complex northern timberland investments and all of the opportunities, both timber and non-timber, that are associated with those investments.

The timber markets represented in the northern United States are extremely diverse.  Northern Maine and areas of the Lake States are driven primarily by pulpwood production while Michigan, most of southern New England and New York, and Appalachia are more focused on high quality hardwood sawtimber production.  The variations in value are substantial with prime hardwood properties in Pennsylvania fetching upwards of $4,000 per acre while well-stocked comparably sized properties in northern Maine command less than $1,000 per acre.  By identifying the individual macro and micro markets, we are able to provide our clients with detailed analysis that is reflective of each regional and local market.

In addition to providing services for timberland owners we also offer analyses on agricultural properties, both small farms and large industrial properties.

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